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ALPENA 8/26/2018


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Aquatic Adventures of MI

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ALPENA 8/26/2018

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Join us in exploring the fantastic wrecks of the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary in July.  See some incredible wrecks like the Grecian, a steel freighter 296’ in length, which sank after striking a shoal and foundering. 

Wrecks like the E.B. Allen, a 3 masted schooner, continually attract divers because of its graceful lines, and intact woodwork.  Sitting at 102 feet, this wreck is remarkably intact.  The E.B. Allen was responsible for sinking the Persian by accidentally ramming near Rodgers City in 1868, and ironically was rammed herself just 3 years later by the bark, Newsboy.

In addition to the Allen and Grecian, wrecks like the W.P. Thew, Van Walkenburg, Montana, Monohansett and many others are buoyed by the Preserve. 

ALPENA 8/26/2018

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